Soul Serenity


About Us

Hello,  I’m Heather and I’m here to help you discover simple ways to let your happy and authentic self shine through.  

Think of the day to day things you do in life, simple things that can stress you and may lead to dis-ease.  

You may feel disconnected, tired or unfulfilled, looking for something to bring you into balance, but you’re not sure what to do.  

I  can bring you that balancing experience you may be searching for, with a depth of calm and relaxation which may surprise you.

What I Offer You

I offer a quiet and safe environment where you can relax and accept  Reiki Energy Healing, Sacred Geometry Vibrational Healing and beautiful natural Crystal Healing, as well as Chakra Balancing.  I also offer Ear Candling therapy - relaxing and calming, where you can experience the benefits of therapeutic cleansing and balancing.