Soul Serenity


My Healing and Wellness Services

For almost 20 years, I have given healings to many lovely people, helping them find their true and unique selves, finding their creative niches and feeling complete wellness, perhaps for the first time! 

I offer a variety of healings, including Reiki energy healing and Sacred Geometry vibrational healing, as well as Chakra balancing, beautiful natural earth Crystals and West Australian Bush Flower Essences.

You can find much more, in-depth information on the healing modalities of Reiki and Sacred Geometry and cleansing Ear Candling on my HOME page, just scroll down and you will find it 😊    

Is Healing Suitable for Everyone?

Yes, so true – a wonderful and true “yes” is the answer!  Healing is an amazingly powerful yet so gentle a gift to receive, for everyone.  

Caring for Mothers-to-be with their babes in their womb, young babies and toddlers and through all the stages of youth to adulthood – no matter what age.   Babes to Seniors 😊

Contact Heather

The subject of Healing brings its own unique questions – I am here to help.  

I am here to answer any questions you may have, giving you background information and any direction you need.    

Feel free to email me: or call on 0404 191 389.